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 “You use a glass mirror to see your face - you use works of art to see your soul.”

Clara Ayres is the Founder and General Coordinator of Art & Soul. She is passionate about arts (and the environment) and loves getting to know people from different nationalities and learning about their cultures.

She decided to create Art & Soul so that it would be a space in which artists from all over the world could have contact with each other, share their works and create projects together.

Her aim was that it would serve as a reminder that even if there are many differences between us, there are always more important things that unite us.

In the future, Clara plans to major in architecture and environmental sciences with the aim of becoming a sustainable architect, working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. She also hopes to work as a visual artist, creating works with the aim of raising awareness about serious environmental issues.

She is currently a Youth Councillor at Learning Planet, a joint venture of UNESCO and Learning Planet Institute.

Clara Ayres: Team Members
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