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Elizaveta Matveeva

Russia (East)

Elizaveta is a 17 year old student based in Yakutsk and is attending Republican Lyceum. Growing up, she was engaged in figure skating for 6 years, and has attended a few competitions. Her other passions are in the areas of digital drawing and other winter sports. In terms of mathematics, specifically applied mathematics, Elizaveta became interested when she was 15.

In secondary school, she has continued to focus on her work in the area of applied mathematics. She was a prizewinner for the Olympiad "Step into the Future" in mathematics held by Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and she also was awarded 1st place in the International Team Tournament in Mathematical modeling in the Junior League.

Outside of mathematics, Elizaveta pursued a few other areas of interest. She was awarded as Best Pianist of the House of Musicians 2021, placed 4th in the "Running Lena" race among 15-17 year olds, launched the Olympiad Movement at school, and was also actively engaged with student government.

She founded Smart Waste Strategy in an effort to combat pollution. By not recycling garbage, harmful emissions from waste incineration destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere, affecting human health. 

At university, she aims to further develop her interest in applied mathematics with a social impact lens. Specifically, wishes to engage in global waste and reproductive justice. From her point of view, global waste requires global co-operation to create systemic change. In the long term, as she seeks a PhD, she will continue her pursuits in both science and education to deliver impact on the two aforementioned areas. 

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