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Based in Toronto, Fiona Shen is a young feminist, activist, and public speaking enthusiast. Growing up, she was interested in social justice, specifically gender issues, and had always been enthusiastic about social issue forums, conversation, and discussions.

Her interest for activism sparked after being told by her figure skating coach that she was not “reserved”, “skinny”, and was too “outspoken”. Fiona later on quit figure skating to play ice hockey and has become even more outspoken about her beliefs and views ever since.

She is the founder and president of Inclusive Feminist Youth (IFY), an entirely youth-led non-profit organization with the ambition to diversify the discussion within the feminist movement. IFY encourages BIPOC, gender minorities, and other marginalized demographics to voice their beliefs on the feminist movement. Having built a feminist alliance within her school, she gathered the interests of many alliance members to engage in forums and discussions.

Some of her accolades within Model UN include Best Delegate at the Havard Global and Oxford Global Model UN conferences (2021). Fiona’s extensive experiences in Model United Nations has earned her a spot on Canada’s Commission for UNSECO’s National Youth Advisory Council where she represents the opinions of youth in Canada. She hopes to grow IFY into a community through social media platforms, newsletters, magazine issues, and discussion forums hosted by IFY.

In the future, Fiona aims to pursue her academic interests in international relations to further her curiosity on topics relating to nations and culture. 

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