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Jayden David Wang

Information Security Officer (ISO), KIDsforSDGs
Hong Kong SAR

Jayden David Wang is a 12 year old student based in Hong Kong, studying at Singapore International School.

Entering middle school, he became fascinated with the issue of cybersecurity. When he watches youtube videos or something, there are usually ads about VPN’s, so he usually takes time to research these VPN’s.

As many may know, VPN’s are very useful when it comes to cybersecurity. He also thinks that while military technology has some of the best cybersecurity in the world, it is also not logical that the best cybersecurity is only in military technology. He usually researches military technology in his spare time, and he actually learns a lot from it.

Apart from cybersecurity, he is also interested in climate change, pandemic response and global cooperation. At KIDsforSDGs, he aims to realize this interest while supporting youth globally to better cyberprotect themselves. 

In the future, Jayden wants to study technology-related subjects with a touch of performing arts. By the age of 18, he aims to join the United States Military or take bigger steps for doing so.

Jayden David Wang: TeamMember
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