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Lai (Mike)

China (South)

Mike Wei is a 17 year old student based in Guangzhou, China. Growing up, his interests are in the areas of music (piano), cycling, and debating. In particular, ever since primary school, the ocean intrigued him because it is dangerous and full of uncertainty.

When he entered middle  school, he discovered a second interest - drones. Through research, he soon learned that drones can do various things including monitoring and managing issues towards oceans. This led him to decide to teach them the skills that he has through the drone pilot certifications he achieved in 2021, and work on drones and UAVs with which he is familiar. For his efforts, he was nominated to present his experiences at a UN World Oceans Day 2022 - Young Pioneers Forum. 

To protect the oceans in a sustainable and systemic manner, he wishes to develop a multi-faceted platform. Leveraging on his past education, experience and experimentation, he has founded the Ocean AirTech Society (“OAS”). OAS seeks to facilitate and conduct operations focused on ocean conservation through his “RAISER” framework - Research, Advocacy, Impact, Solutions, Education and Responsibility - to collectively raise the standard in this industry. 

In the future, starting at university, he seeks to advance development of drone technology to deliver and ease marine research and development services, weather forecasting, search and rescue, in addition to marine monitoring and surveillance.

Lai (Mike) Wei: TeamMember
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