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Lalitha Arts,

Founder and Director

United States

Lalitha Chandolu is a 17 year old advocate in the areas of free and quality education, protecting the environment, and supporting communities in underdeveloped regions. She wishes to advance her impact through innovation to achieve exposure to the causes she supports and bring positive social change through fundraising events and other social entrepreneurship based initiatives in the long run. 

At high school, she founded Lalitha Arts, an art platform that makes positive social change through art! Over the past 2 years, she has mentored over 110 students in the fundamentals of painting while instilling knowledge about various painting techniques among budding artists aged 6-16. Through this project, she advocated for non-profit organizations aiding under privileged families in need, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. She fundraised money to donate by selling her artwork and raising funds through her online art classes. Through Lalitha Arts, she has made a positive change in the community and used art for social good.

In addition to her social impact, Lalitha enjoys spending time baking, traveling, and working with kids.

In the future, Lalitha wishes to pursue further studies in Computer Science and Business, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Post university, she aims to work within global purpose-led organizations to gain real world experience and build a foundation towards establishing, through arts, technology and sustainability, her own social enterprise venture. 

Lalitha CHANDOLU: TeamMember
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