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Global Impact Investing Alliance

Co-Founder and Regional Director


Shyam Soundararajan is a secondary school student and advocate for the global alleviation of extreme poverty and the reduction of wealth inequality. Through gaining real world experience in areas such as [impact investing, social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment], he seeks to contribute to society by leading transformational change to promote long-term solutions for the improvement of living standards throughout the world

He serves as the co-founder of Global Impact Investment Alliance (GIIA). Through this initiative, he aims to empower his generation of school students by teaching them financial literacy. Moreover, he also aims to raise awareness about the field of impact investments, which he believes has the potential to bridge the gap between capital and sustainable impact. Beyond GIIA, Shyam is engaged with other initiatives such as organizing webinars with Econ professors at the Young Scholars Initiative and mentoring students in mathematics and economics, and engaging in competitive sports such as swimming.

In the future, Shyam aims to major in Mathematics and Economics at university, and utilize his quantitative skills in the fields of Finance and Entrepreneurship to work towards improving the lives of everyday people through sustainable and prudent investing.

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