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Sofia Mariko Aiolfi


Sofia Mariko Aiolfi is a 18 year old student based in Geneva, Switzerland. She goes to school at Collège du Léman and she is in Grade 12.

Growing up, she was always a person that wanted to be active, so she did many sports. Her favorite hobbies were ballet and boxing, and her passions are learning languages.

In high school, she expanded her intellectual curiosity and reach, and pursued interest across multiple global issues such as Climate Change, Healthcare, LGBTQ Rights, Children’s Rights and Poverty. To better build up her skills and leadership, she was elected as a prefect and completed an internship with PwC to gain real life working experience in the business world. Furthermore, she designed social impact activities such as packing Christmas gifts for refugees and worked in local art galleries. She also conducted professional multilingual interpretation.

In the near future, she aims to pursue her academic interest in Business Management at university, and contribute to solving the aforementioned global issues. In the long run, she  is committed to building her own company and creating her very own social enterprise organization, to make people's lives easier, and the world a better place for the future generations to come. 

Sofia Mariko Aiolfi: TeamMember
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