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United Kingdom

With a personal mission to advance the intersectionality of diversity and inclusion through entrepreneurship, Taiki Kato is a 17 year old student studying in Thorpe, United Kingdom. 

Growing up in Japan, he has always felt there is a certain fixed path that a student needs to take a pattern of conformity that is stifling. For society to advance, chaos and yes, even friction, is necessary as the spark to innovate. 

He once remembers in Grade 9 during class, he encountered the true ethnicity of Japan and its characteristic of rejecting other races.

This lack of diversity and inclusion, from the perspective of race as well as from religion and gender minorities, is not conducive to both national and personal development. Furthermore, he is very entrepreneurial, and believes that an environment where he can flex his muscles on the intersectionality of business, sustainability and social innovation would better support his professional development. As such, he has decided to move to the UK to further my perspective.

In the UK, he has made a lot of friends from all over the world, and his best friend from 10th grade is from Ukraine. When he was in 11th grade, a big war happened in his home country - he wanted to help his family or other people to escape somehow. This motivated him to establish a charity initiative to fundraise for Ukrainian humanitarian support. He worked with other people to get a wider perspective and it was successful. 

To fuel his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded RESEED, a global initiative which aims to help tackle world hunger by REcycling, REusing, REducing and REdistributing food all over the world.

Taiki found the splendor of helping people around the world. Since then, he decided to study entrepreneurship and international relations at university - in order to help more people beyond my own country in the future - in the areas of circular economy, smart logistics and sustainability management. 

Taiki Kato: TeamMember
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