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Racist Attacks Monitoring Center (RAMC), Founder
Project Turkic Youth Community, Founder


Valeriia-Tuyaara Nazarova was born on the 25th of August in 2005 in Borogontsy, Ust-Aldan Ulus, Sakha Republic - a small village on the permafrost, where people mostly do not live, but survive. Despite the difficult conditions, her parents did everything to ensure that she had a good childhood. She traveled around Asia and Europe. She saw the conditions of life in different countries and among different social strata. This is when she became interested in climate, poverty and equality.

She is in secondary school in Year 11, and her interests are in global affairs and international relations. “Diversity is not meant to anger the most privileged part of the population,” she believes. In addition, to answer to my aforementioned interest, she has founded Project Turkic Youth Community (TYC), with the purpose of  strengthening all-round cooperation among Turkic-speaking youth and contributing jointly to peace and stability in light of the events taking place in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This project has witnessed ongoing military conflicts amongst these aforementioned countries, and through the three pillars of interaction, cooperation and friendship, our members support each other.  

In addition, to respond to her aforementioned interest, she founded the Racist Attacks Monitoring Center (RAMC), previously known as the Asians of Russia Hate Reporting Center (ARHRC) project. The Center aims to monitor incidents, collect and analyze data on racist attacks, understand what is happening in our communities, and advocate for community resources and effective solutions.

She has a particular passion for learning languages - and she speaks Yakutian, Russian, English, and Chinese. She is also curious about Asian and African cultures, law, philosophy, politics, mental health issues, and contemporary art. 

In the future, Valeriia is interested in pursuing a career in the field of global affairs and international relations. She aims to seek and design better protection, educational resources, and policies that can end the waste of time on unfounded hatred - in order to turn our collective attention to more important global issues.

Valeriia NAZAROVA: TeamMember
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