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Homemade Desserts,

Aiganym Yegemberdy is a youth advocate in the areas of food insecurity, pandemic preparation and care for both people and the planet. She is the Founder of Homemade Desserts with the mission to further healthy and tasty eating habits for teenagers. Looking ahead, she aims to pursue an interdisciplinary path connecting business and healthcare to make a positive impact on society. 


Growing up, Aiganym’s life has always been intertwined with the world of health and well-being.  During lockdown, she decided to start a cooking page where, from there onwards, her love for baking and cooking thrived. She wanted to please her family with the food she made. This led to her reflect and realize her true intentions like in the area of medicine. She has always wanted to become a doctor and help people in need, and this passion for entering the medical field took off when her father took her to Harvard’s medical school and motivated her to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor. In terms of connecting her interests in healthcare with business, after her experience in preparing food for her relatives, she realized there is a commercial opportunity inherent within spreading that joy to other people while generating revenue from sales of these products - afterall, the notion of entrepreneurship is grounded in financial (and delicious) sustainability.


Aiganym appreciates that in order to make an impact real to the world, she must be ready to disseminate and distribute key information in order to contribute to long-term change, and ensure the co-existing balance between people and environment. At school, to advance her interest in Business in a holistic manner, she has undertaken AP Microeconomics and other classes to expand her intellectual capacity. For her passion in Healthcare, she also completed AP Biology and other relevant coursework. Outside of school, she is actively engaged with her cookbook for teenagers, a recipe book on healthy foods which seeks to increase the healthy lifestyle of eating in teenagers who are under stress. By providing quantifiable impact, the organization aims to actually realize better health and well-being based on certain health goals. She will reference the work completed through her channel - - and continue the pathways towards holistic development and growth through partnership with hotels. She is also a member of the soccer team, a true fan of music having graduated from music school from 2022 and is in the process of launching her cooking channel to explore her entrepreneurship side. 


Looking ahead, Aiganym aims to pursue an interdisciplinary path in learning more about how the future of business and healthcare can come together and create meaningful change to the world. She is excited to pursue education in a world class university in the US to further her dreams and ambitions.

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