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Future of Healthcare,
Youth Advocate

Duo Cheng is a determined runner with passions for psychology and biology, who believes that treating people with kindness is critical to making the world a better place. She also goes by Dora. In the long term, Dora hopes to become a research scientist, inventing medicines for people with sickness, in order to save more lives.


Growing up, Dora has enjoyed experimenting with her health and fitness, as she fundamentally believes good well-being lays the foundation for human prosperity. She started the sport of running when she was in third grade in PE class, and soon she realized she was the fastest at her school. However, without efficient training, her original advantage of fast speed went away. Later on, she joined cross country simply for fun, and after running everyday, she understood and appreciated the necessity of training everyday, and eventually gained her placement again in middle school doing long distance. As she transitioned into high school, her commitment and determination enabled her to become even better at running, and she can run a distance of 10 miles now. As a track athlete, she intends to continue pursuing this sport, and aim to seek a leadership position in track as a senior student to share her knowledge and know-how with younger classmates. 


In school, Dora is an active member of the Mercer Island cross country and track team, and was able to compete all the way from Kingco to State. In the current track season, she also had the opportunity to attend several high stake track meets, such as the Oregon relays. Outside of school, Dora enjoys other sports, specifically skiing, and some more art related activities, such as painting and playing piano. 


Looking ahead, whilst Dora has not yet discovered her interest in any specific major for college, she is currently exploring different fields, and wishes to potentially study in medicinal chemistry or psychology. A particular interest of her also lies in genetics and its effect on human health and performance, especially for athletes.

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