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Nathan H.

Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH)
Founder and Executive Director


Nathan Chan is an 18-year-old advocate for SDG #16, specifically social justice. Since learning about his four great-uncles who were abducted during WWll, he has hoped to create an impact by working to foster a generation of empathetic youth around the world, empowering them to become social justice warriors in their own right to build a more peaceful world.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Law Association for Crimes Across History, a mock trial organization that examines historical atrocities. Through studying the past, he hopes to encourage learning from history’s lessons to help us better understand the present and prepare for a better tomorrow armed with strong moral compasses. With international, regional (some in different languages), and national tournaments, LACAH has reached 450+ passionate participants from 41 countries, many of whom have been with them for multiple trials. LACAH also has a youth leadership team of nearly 40, and has engaged 6,000+ others through conferences like the United Nations Global School Symposium and TEDx. Nathan’s love for speeches and oral history stemming from LACAH has also led him to start his own award-winning podcast, History42, which interviews experts/witnesses of history and history in the making. This year, he is working to elevate his initiatives by engaging with international organizations like Social Enterprise World Forum, where he was chosen to speak at the Brisbane event for his work with youth social entrepreneurship.

As a polyglot, Nathan is also an avid writer, having written various award-winning books, papers, and scholarly articles in different languages. His work was recently recognized, having been selected as one of two Pramerica (Prudential) Spirit of Community National Gold Award winners, as well as receiving the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award in 2022. In the future, he is keen on pursuing a career in international human rights law to help build a more just and equitable world. 

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