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Hudson Yang

Future of Sustainability,

Youth Advocate

Hudson Yang is a youth advocate who is committed to advancing the intersection of people and planetary health and sustainability. Through a wide ranging list of academic and extracurricular activities, he aims to target, research and realise impact in creating systems level change through tackling the root causes of these issues. He is a youth leader for KIDsforSDGs, a global UN-accredited NGO with the focus on empowering global citizenship education for all, and he is a member of the UN World Oceans Day planning committee working with UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS). 


Growing up on the sun-kissed beaches of Long Island, the ocean was Hudson's constant companion. As a young child, he would spend hours delighting in the simple pleasures of the shore - collecting colourful seashells, watching in fascination as crabs scuttled in and out of their sandy burrows, digging intricate channels and sculpting grand sandcastles that would be swept away by the relentless waves. The rhythmic crash of the surf and the salty tang of the air filled him with a sense of wonder and freedom.


Yet Hudson's joy was often tempered by the unsettling sight of the ocean's darker side. Time and again, the tides would deposit all manner of refuse along the once pristine shoreline - plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, abandoned fishing gear, and even the lifeless bodies of trapped marine creatures. The young boy would gently dig graves and tenderly bury the hapless crabs and jellyfish, their demise a tragic testament to humanity's careless disregard for the ocean's delicate balance. These somber moments stayed with Hudson, fuelling a growing determination to protect the marine environment he cherished.


As he grew into a curious and thoughtful youth, Hudson began accompanying his father on fishing trips. But even here, he could not escape the scourge of human pollution. Tangled fishing lines, plastic waste, and other debris littered the shoreline, a heartbreaking sight that only strengthened Hudson's resolve. When Hudson entered high school, he joined a rowing team. While he enjoyed the competition with his childhood friends , he could not help but continue noticing how the water was being polluted. This distressing observation only reinforced his desire to make a difference. The thought of his own children inheriting a degraded, plastic-choked sea filled him with dread, spurring him to action. From that point on, Hudson dedicated himself to the cause of ocean conservation, determined to preserve the beauty and wonder of the marine world for generations to come. He knew he had to be a voice for the ocean and all its inhabitants, and protect the source of life that humanity relies on.


His other interests lies in the area of mock trials, theatre, chess and journalism. Hudson firmly believes that the development of both hard and soft skills from the endeavours will further elevate his leadership in the future. 


Looking ahead, Hudson seeks to gain his first real world experience through representing KIDsforSDGs at the upcoming UN World Oceans Day 2024 conference within the UN Headquarters in New York. There is so much at stake, and the time to act is now. 

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