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How KIDsforSDGs will Benefit You?

Kids are all different, and we CELEBRATE this difference. An opportunity to become a Young Global Citizen (even at a very young age), and become a contributing member to the UN Youth community.


New Friends

One of the biggest feedback from our Young Global Citizens is that they get to find new friends show share their beliefs and passions. Friends like these can last for life!


Sense of Belonging

Good news is: at KIDsforSDGs you get to be, act and represent the real you. No need to think twice or build walls. We are a strict anti-discrimination policy for all community members


We are all very curious by nature. At KIDsforSDGs, you get to take that curiosity and develop it into something new and useful that can improve daily life. Play a role in how society evolves!


Global Mindset

As a Young Global Citizen, everything you do will be seen and analysed from a global perspective. Why? Simply because your new friends around the world support you!

SDG Class.jpg

Unique Experiences

KIDsforSDGs is about quality over quantity. Here, we craft one of a kind experiences that helps you to "lead by example" in the chosen SDG. Be a young thought leader even at your age!


Personal Profile

As you have seen, technology has allowed even kids to become community builders. Elevate your profile to become a voice of your generation, and create the social impact you crave.

Leadership Skills

Everyone wants to be a leader in their own way. It's time to support all kids, reserved or shy, to lead in the Decade of Action. Remember, just because one is loud doesn't make one a leader!


Higher Education

As you work on your SDGs, you will set yourself apart when you apply to boarding school or university. The best part: you get to do so by doing what you love! Ain't live grand?


What KIDsforSDGs Expect from You?

Creating impact takes work, and we need you to bring your personal best!



We need you to be passionate about the prospect of creating a better future. You should also have a strong belief that there is a fundamental need to tackle world issues

World's Largest Lesson 2015.jpeg


You have the autonomy as to who you will work with throughout the KIDsforSDGs. Remember, Young Global Citizens make their own decisions!


Regardless of who you end up working in a group with, you are expected to take ownership of your team’s progress, and find ways to meet the standards you agreed to!



Rome is NOT build in one day. You are expected to devote at least 3-5 hours a week on your KIDsforSDGs project. Remember this should not be seen as "homework".

Vietnam SDGs.jpeg

Willingness to Learn

We don't expect you to know and be able to do all things. However, a core tenet of being a founder is to discover and internalize new information quickly!


Working Online

As majority of KIDsforSDGs is online, we require you to work online with a team from perhaps all over the world. A stable internet connection would be great please.


We want kids who are bold enough to actually stick around long enough to drive impact. KIDsforSDGs is merely the start of the journey, and we can only support you if you commit.

GPY leadership SDGs_0.jpeg

No Judgment

Kids who join KIDsforSDGs come from all walks of live and family backgrounds. We celebrate our strength in diversity. We expect all kids to treat each other with fairness and kindness.

Traditional Library

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Albert Einstein

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