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Annie Wanrong

Future of Technpreneurship,

Standing on the ever-growing summit of her growing-up tale, Annie Wanrong Luo realised her childhood had been guided by her heart. Whether this awareness transpired via her aspirations to be a ballerina at 4, a microbiologist at 7, a lawyer at 11 or a dentist at 13, she grew to realise that her goals had to be guided by the intersection of her head and her heart. At 16, Annie finally saw her passions and expertise weave into equilibrium to manifest as an entrepreneur.

To Annie, the irresistible allure of entrepreneurship is predicated upon its ability to nurture unorthodox ideas into tangible realities. She believes that entrepreneurship is the intersection of vision and action, the intersection of current ideas and subsequent technologies. Thus, entrepreneurship is characterised by thrill – a thrill forged through identifying gaps in societal need and an audacity to say: “I can fill it.”

As an aspiring entrepreneur, her dreams are engraved with the aim to raise her own start-up and one day invest in budding businesses so that she can pave the way for the next generation of young entrepreneurs. She understands that entrepreneurship and economics are two sides of the same coin; as such, she has established a foundation in investments when she immersed herself in UCLA’s investments summer program and engaged in the ASX Sharemarket game.  

Simultaneously, Annie appreciates the rising influence of developing technology and STEM on the potential to design efficient and inclusive solutions. To this end, she has been dedicated as the Electrical Captain of her FIRST Robotics Competition team 6510 which ranks 2nd in Australia. Moreover, her passion for technology and finance is anchored by mathematics and statistics which she views as a springboard for her analytical skill set.

Outside of her strong academic interests, she has nurtured a meaningful connection with music and arts. She is currently working on her AMusA in Violin and her ATCL diploma in Performing and Communication Skills. Additionally, she has been an active member of her school’s debating team, chamber orchestra, symphony orchestra, senior quartet, and musical ensemble.  

Following her motto of “the only impossible journey is the one you never begin”, she aims to harness all the opportunities provided to her in hopes that one day. She can provide the same opportunities for others and guide them on their own journey to success.

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