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Haruta Otaki

Find Your Career (FYC) 2030, Founder


Haruta Otaki is the recipient of the Award (Psychology category) for the impact he created in education and educational psychology through FYC 2030.

He is a Youth Councilor at Learning Planet, a global alliance focused on bringing quality education to all. Countless youth fellows, such as himself, are currently putting in great efforts into progressing on individual projects. However, the extreme focus on individual projects have also distracted all from making the best out of the youth fellows program. The community has sometimes forgotten that in the #Learning Planet youth empowerment circle, there are 150 like-minded change makers.

Haruta believes that by implementing new ways for more close-up communications between members of the community, we can open doors to infinite possibilities and potential within our individual innovative projects through collaboration. For example, by 150 people sharing the link to FYC's algorithmic assessments, focused on youth education, his organization will be able to reach thousands of individuals and create a social impact on a global level.

Through the use of the training sessions curated by #LearningPlanet and its partners on leadership, system change, and project management, he sees the Youth Council coming together to trigger a collective mission : to provide more opportunities for interaction within the #LP youth fellows and expanding the entire network. Therefore, in his vision, the Youth Empowerment Circle can work as a catalyst that helps blossom the projects of its members, each greatly impacting an aspect of the the Youth Agenda of 2030, (Youth Rights, Youth and Sustainability, Youth Education, Youth Health & Wellbeing, etc).

Looking ahead to university, he aims to undertake a multi-pronged approach of education, psychology and innovation (such as through computer science) to continue transforming education.

Haruta Otaki: TeamMember
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