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Featured Projects

Our Most Exciting KIDsforSDGs Initiatives

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Shall We Talk Foundation

Project AngelLine, an initiative of the Shall We Talk Foundation, offers an inclusive platform of online mental health support for underprivileged youth in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and aims to alleviate heavy stigma against mental health.

The project presents a strategic opportunity for youth (Angels) to help similarly-affected youth through implementation of a non-traditional and hybrid approach.

Jumpstart KIDS

Impact philanthropy led by our next-generation leaders across Asia, supporting at-risk communities in least and less developed countries in the region

In total, more than 5,000 surgical-grade Family Masks were donated to support each of the kids and their chosen SDGs.

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SHUI means “water” in Chinese, and it aims to become first biotech company to bring nano-pollutant free water to the Chinese market. This is achieved by adding a simple step in the water purification process using engineered bacteria.

Nanopollution (NP) presents a threat to human health, and NP removal is currently neglected by water treatment facilities in China. "Say No to Nano-Pollutant"!

How It Works?

Inspired Conference 2020

Meeting of the (young) minds - not often do global impact conferences support the addition of the youth perspective. KIDsforSDGs members did just that in front of 500 global seasoned professionals.

The concept of intergenerational learning is key to ensuring that no person is left behind our constant progress towards a better society. This betterment must be felt and enjoyed by all to make it equitable.

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The STEMbyHer organisation is a woman-led organisation that aims to break down gender barriers in STEM and build up confidence in girls, together, by empowering the next generation of leaders, to bridge the gender gap.

The basis of STEMbyHer is mostly a community, as we are raising awareness on disparities present in the STEM society and encouraging women to take action and share their stories.

Support STEMbyHer
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