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UNITAR Asia Pacific Day 2021 - It's a WRAP!

September 18, 2021 - Global Goals Week official event!

#Teenagers need to be empowered, engaged and entrusted to do what are right for their families, friends and communities - they are the definition of #resilience!”

To launch the inaugural UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia Pacific Program, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and KIDsforSDGs welcomed #SDG advocates from our 15 partners and supporting organisations to discuss what it takes for adults to support teenagers embrace the systems work of social change, innovation and entrepreneurship.

A million thanks to our partners:


Thank you to UNITAR leadership and team: Nikhil Seth, Mihoko Kumamoto, Junko Takaya Shimazu and more.

A special thanks to Dr. François Bonnici of Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship for guiding the Gen-Z community through a personal, practical and purposeful learning journey of social innovation.

We also would like to thank our 12-member global youth advisory council for their engagement, in particular, a thought-provoking youth panel! Food for thoughts!

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