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Young Changemaker of the Month

Are you an Under 17 #CHANGEMAKER in your own community who wants to be spotlighted by KIDsforSDGs and our partner organisations? Want to get featured by #LearningPlanet?

  • I am between 13 and 17 years of age

  • I am a leader in student council or student club at my school

  • I am the founder/co-founder/leader of an impactful initiative

  • I have built a team and am working with allies/partners

  • I have already created impact in my community or school

  • I want to scale my impact and benefit more members of my community

Interview Time

How the Interview works?

Each month, a Young Changemaker will be interviewed and profiled on #LearningPlanet, in addition to UN ESCAP, World Economic Forum UpLink and more channels through our community engagement and accreditations.

The interview will follow KIDsforSDGs "6I's Changemaking Framework" - and will take place in person or virtually.

Image by Prado

6I's Changemaking Framework

To get ready for your interview, you will have to prepare to address questions covering the following 6I's


What is the burning issue you wish to solve for your community?


How to form an initial idea or concept to solve the issue?


How to incorporate 4IR technology and innovate?


How to ensure the solution can be used by the wider community?


How to advance a multi-stakeholder approach and engage with more voices?


How the solution generated impact and how to further scale it?

APPLY to be a young Changemaker of the month!

Start NOW. Start SMALL. Start SMART.

Thanks for submitting!

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